Der Süden bebt 2012
with: Stereotype, Me myself and the audience, 2Loud4u, Haunting Melody, Oache Brothers, The Right Burgers, Scorefor
Der Süden bebt 2011
with: Los Brudalos, Triple X Elle, Die Vamummtn (AUT), Snip, 2loud4u, The Suitup Boys, Latebird, Me, myself and the audience, Schreng Schreng & La La, Cashless, Scorefor, No fun at all (SWE)
Der Süden Bebt 2010
with: Snip, Me myself and the audience, 2Loud4You, Crust´n`Drillaz, Gsindl, Scorefor, Itchy Poopzkid
Der Süden Bebt 2009
with: NewWayOut, Tripple XL, Child on fire, Stereotype, The Mullet Monkeys, Scab, Scorefor, Emil Bulls
Der Süden Bebt 2008
with: The Aimless, Stemexx, Insane, Child on fire, Mostly Harmless, Aloha from hell, Rocket Uppercut, Scorefor, Revolverheld
Der Süden Bebt 2007
with: Stero.Pilot, Cats´ Room, One Spring Day, 2Loud4You, The Mullet Monkeys, Scorefor, Liquido
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